Exposure limits in Europe

Public exposure

In 1999 the EU created a Recommendation on public exposure.  The values in it are taken directly from ICNIRP.  It recommends that Member States introduce these limits for public exposure with certain provisos:

  • taking account of the risks and benefits
  • where the time of exposure is significant

As the name suggests, it is not binding.  The UK and several other European countries have in fact complied.

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Occupational exposure

In 2004 the EU created a Directive on occupational exposure.  The values were the same as ICNIRP but given different names.  This required Member States to introduce these limits in their countries by 2008.  In 2007, however, it became apparent that to do so would probably create unacceptable problems for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).  So a new Directive was passed extending the timescale for implementtaion by another four years, with the expectation that within that time the limits would be changed.  A new Directive was proposed by the Commission in 2011.

Further details of the 2004 Directive

Further details of the 2011 proposal

Summary of the progress of the Directive through Parliament