What this site covers and what it doesn’t

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thumbnail flag UKThis site is based in the UK and focuses primarily on the views of UK-based organisations. Much of the content is true anywhere. But please note that some of the details of voltages, frequencies etc, and the fields that can be produced by different types of power line will be different in other countries.

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We do have several pages specifically on the USA where this differs from the UK - for instance distribution wiring practices, policy on homes near lines, and exposure limits.

Radiofrequencies and microwaves

This site covers power-frequency EMFs only and not radio-frequency or mobile-phone issues but see here for a summary of the differences and here for some useful links.

Railway and other electric transport

Railways and other electrified transport systems produce power-frequency EMFs that are similar in many ways to thoise produced by the power system.  So, much of the material on this site will be relevant to railways as well.  But we do not specifically cover EMF issues relating to railways.

Static fields

We also include some information on DC or static fields.

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