SBM 2008

Standard for Building Biology Testing Methods

first issued 1992; most recent is 7th edition 2008.

The organisation

This standard is produced under the auspices of the International Institute for Building-Biology and Ecology.  This originated in Germany but is now based in the USA as a not-for-profit educational organisation.

The status

This Standard has no official status.  It has not been adopted by any national authority or representative international body that we are aware of.  The levels given are much lower than those from e.g. ICNIRP and we have not been able to find whatever scientific basis may have been used to derive them.  The Standard itself says

They are based on the building biology experience and knowledge and focus on achievability. In addition, scientific studies and other recommendations are also consulted.

They are sometimes referred to as the "Salzburg" levels but we have not been able to find what the official basis for this is.

The numbers

The numbers are given in the Supplement: Building Biology Evaluation Guidelines for Sleeping Areas

  No concernSlight concernSevere concernExtreme concern
Electric field with ground potentialV/m<11-55-50>50
Electric field potential-freeV/m<0.30.3-1.51.5-10>10
Magnetic fieldµT<0.020.02-0.10.1-0.5>0.5