EMF instruments and other commercial services

We do not recommend any particular instruments, manufacturers, or suppliers of other services.  However, you may like to look at the following web sites.  We are very happy to receive other suggestions to add to any of these sections.

Instrument manufacturers

photo of Emdex metersEnertech Consultants
Makers of the "Emdex" range of meters (see photo)

Perspective Scientific: http://www.perspective.co.uk/
(May 2010: Perspective's website no longer seems to be available)

photo of Holaday meterHoladay Industries
we cannot currently locate Holaday's website
Among other meters, make a single axis combined electric and magnetic field meter (see photo)

 photo of Wandel and Goltermann meterNarda (formerly Wandel and Goltermann)
Among other meters, make a three-axis electric field meter (see photo)


Wavecontrol: http://www.wavecontrol.com/

Instrument suppliers

Aspen  electronics: http://www.aspen-electronics.com/smp2.html

EMFields (the commercial arm of Powerwatch): http://www.emfields-solutions.com/index.asp

EMFUK: http://www.emfuk.co.uk/

Enertech meters are available directly from the manufacturer

TICS: http://www.tics.co.uk/testequipment/w&g_acterna/index.html

(we will be happy to list other vendors of these instruments if we are made aware of them)

Measurement services

Measurement services

Again, we do not recommend any particular organisation, but we are aware of the following who provide measurement services:

Electromagnetic Surveys Ltd: http://www.em-surveys.co.uk/

Cobham Technical Services: www.cobham.com/technicalservices

EMC Consultants Ltd: http://www.emc-consultants.co.uk/

Electromagnetic Testing Services: http://www.etsemc.co.uk/

EMFComp: http://emfcomp.com/

EMF UK: http://www.emfuk.eu/collections/frontpage

Scholes EMF Ltd: http://www.scholes-emf.com/