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A guide to the debate on electric and magnetic fields and health

This website aims to give you factual, comprehensive and fair information on power-frequency EMFs (the electric and magnetic fields produced wherever electricity is generated, distributed or used).

Finding what you want

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What are EMFs

field-lines-B-only-60 What they are, how they're measured, terminology etc

Sources of EMFs

thumbnail photo of power line Overhead lines, underground cables, substations and every other source

Known effects of EMFs

plot of induced current in body Induced currents in the body, microshocks, interference, pacemakers

Evidence on health

graoph showing results from study Do the fields cause health effects at levels we are exposed to?


experimental apparatus Key research studies and ongoing research

Exposure limits

cover of NRPB document The limits in the UK, USA and around the world and how they are applied


photo of power line with houses Precaution, Governments, homes near power lines, new power lines

Finding out more

screenshot of search engine Links, literature and contacts