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A guide to the debate on electric and magnetic fields and health

This website aims to give you factual, comprehensive and fair information on power-frequency EMFs (the electric and magnetic fields produced wherever electricity is generated, distributed or used).

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  • The main pages on this site are grouped in 6 main areas:

     What are EMFs?  What they are, how they're measured, terminology etc  Sources of EMFs.  Where they come from, how big they are, etc  The Science.  What they do and what research has been done.

    The Expert View What the international experts and the UK Government say.

    Related Issues.  Living near a line, safety limits, precaution and everything else.

    Finding Out More.  Literature, contacts, and web links.

    About this site

    This site is based in the UK and focuses primarily on the views of UK-based organisations. Much of the content is true anywhere. But please note that some of the details of voltages, frequencies etc, and the fields that can be produced by different types of power line will be different in other countries.

    Radiofrequencies and microwaves

    This site covers power-frequency EMFs only and not radio-frequency or mobile-phone issues but see here for a summary of the differences and here for some useful links

    Static fields

    We also include some information on DC or static fields.

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    For EMF and health issues, contact the EMF Unit Public Information Line, telephone: 0845 702 3270 or 01926 653382 (please use whichever number os cheaper for you) or email EMFHelpLine@uk.ngrid.com. See Contact us for more contact details and contacts for other issues.

    Industry policy

    This site is maintained by an electricity company, National Grid.  Our aim is for factual, neutral information.  The electricity industry regularly publishes its views and comment on scientific and other developments on EMFs, but these are not contained here. For the electricity industry policies on EMFs, click here:

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    And for National Grid's own Position Statement on EMFs:

    Static fields

    This site is mainly about AC fields (alternating fields or power-frequency fields) but we also have some information on DC or static fields.