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Contacting us about EMF and health issues

Please note: we welcome international users of this website, and try to provide content relevant to other countries where appropriate, but our email and telephone helpline are for UK users only.  Sorry!

You can send comments on this website or ask questions or make enquiries of the National Grid EMF Helpline by contacting us by one of the following ways:

  • telephone (please use whichever number is cheaper for you):
    • 0845 7023270
    • 01926 653382
  • email:
  • post: EMF Helpline, National Grid, Gallows Hill, Warwick, CV34 6DA, UK

Prior to making any inquiry please use the information provided on this website to see if this can give you the answers you need; however, if you still have questions, then please feel free to contact us.

For all queries please remember to include your name, the UK post code and address relating to the query, brief details of the background to the query and the information you need, and an email address or a daytime phone number as appropriate.  If you do not provide all of the information this may lead to significant delay on replying to your query. 

In order to deal with your query or request, we may need to collect your personal data.  For more information on National Grid’s privacy policy in respect of your personal data, please see the attached link:

Although we cannot promise to reply immediately we will return your email or phone call as soon as possible.

What we cover and what we don't

This site, and the Helpline, cover power frequencies, not radiofrequencies.  We do give some information on radiofrequencies but we don't deal with those on the Helpline.

We cover the UK electricity industry.  The railways and some other electric transport systems also produce similar EMFs.  So much of the material we provide here will be relevant to railways as well.  But, sorry, on the Helpline we can't deal with issues that originate from that industry.

Contacts for other issues

The National Grid EMF helpline deals specifically with questions about EMFs and health. If you need other information on National Grid or have queries about electricity or gas, the selection of links below may be of assistance.

If you have a general query about National Grid gas or electricity please use the contact us page on

If you wish to report a gas emergency:

If you spot a potential hazard on or near an overhead electricity line:

If you have a power cut:

For questions about audible noise from National Grid overhead lines or substations, contact 

Or if you wish to contact your local electricity network operator (distribution company):


Further feedback

Your first point of contact, whether about this website or EMF issues generally, should always be with the EMF HelpLine as given on this page.  The staff on the EMF Helpline take all comments seriously and review all feedback.  If, however, you wish to provide further feedback on the operation of the Helpline itself, you can contact  Emails to this address will be read by different staff in National Grid to those who answer the Helpline.