Current evidence on health

There are some effects that EMFs have, usually at relatively high levels, where there is little doubt about the effects - they are regarded as established.  We have a whole section on these effects: induced currents, microshocks, effects on equipment, etc.

In this section we address the possibility of effects at lower levels - effects which are not established, but where there is some evidence suggesting the possibility of effects.

Childhood leukaemia

Of all the possible effects of EMFs, the evidence is strongest for childhood leukaemia and we summarise the evidence here.

Other human health effects

These evidence for EMFs causing these is weaker and we summarise it here: other cancers, neurodegenerative disorders, suicide and depression, and many others.

What the experts say

Many review bodies have surveyed this evidence and reported on it, and we summarise all their conclusions.

Electric fields and ions

There is a whole set of theories that power lines may affect health not through the magnetic fields they produce but through electric fields and ions - see the evidence here.

Comparing EMFs to other issues

Here we compare the evidence for health effects from EMFs to smoking, coffee, etc, and provide some information on comparative risks.