Suicide and depression

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A major review published by ICNIRP in 2001 concluded:

"When assessing the overall literature on EMF and suicide, it is necessary to consider the relative weights of the available studies together with their results. In doing so the original study must be given a relatively light weight in relation to later studies because of methodological limitations. Nevertheless, the latest study also suggests that an excess risk may indeed exist.

The literature on depressive symptoms and EMF is difficult to interpret because the findings are not consistent. This complexity cannot easily be resolved by suggesting that one type of result can be confined to a group of studies with methodological problems or some other limitation." More on ICNIRP

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In its new advice on exposure guidelines in 2004, NRPB stated:

“Studies of suicide and depressive illness have given inconsistent results in relation to ELF EMF exposure…” More on NRPB

The key papers
We give here the abstracts from the key epidemiological papers on suicide and depression.