Comparing EMFs to other issues

EMFs are often compared to other scientific or public-health issues.  We discuss some of those comparisons here to draw out the key lesson learned from the comparison.

Smoking - just how big is the public health problem?  And do we know the exact mechanism?

Passive smoking - passive smoking is usually accepted as an established carcinogen, but how does the strength of evidence compare to EMFs?

Coffee - something which is classed by IARC like magnetic fields as "possibly carcinogenic" but which we carry on drinking

Shift work - now classified as "probably" carcinogenic, but with the benefit of quite strong animal evidence

Cholera - established in the nineteenth century as a cause of disease on epidemiological evidence alone without knowing a mechanism

BSE - errors made in communicating to the public and lessons on precautionary approaches

We also have a general discussion on comparative risks - how big would any EMF risks be compared to other risks?

Do you agree?

This website aims to give factual information not to put over any one viewpoint.  But this section, where we compare EMFs to other issues, might contain statements you think are a point of view rather than purely factual.  If you don't agree with what we say, let us know!