Comparison of exposure limits across frequencies

On most of this site, we concentrate on the power frequencies - 50 Hz in the UK and Europe-influenced countries, 60 Hz in the USA and US-influenced countries.  But the exposure limits that cover 50 or 60 Hz often cover a range of frequencies.  The following interactive graphs allow you to compare the reference levels from three different exposure limits: ICNIRP 1998, ICNIRP 2010, and ICES 2002.  You can select any or all of the occupational and public limits from each of those three publications (but if you try to compare too many at once, the graphs get a bit confusing!)  Make your selections in the white cells - it will reject any changes made elsewhere.

Note: this tool is hosted on the Cloud. If you do not see the drawing, but get a message "proxy server is refusing connections", this probably means that Cloud services are barred by your internet service. Contact us if you would particularly like to see this tool.  The full functionality is supported only for desktops and laptops - mobile devices may not allow all the interactivity.


These graphs start at 0.1 Hz.  Some limits just say "less than 1 Hz" - 0.1 Hz is our arbitrary cutoff.

The graphs go up to 100 kHz.  The ICNIRP limits go higher than this, but then you have to start worrying about the radiofrequency limits based on heating as well, so we've kept it simple by limiting the comparison to 100 kHz.

Remember, these are the "reference levels", and the actual limit is usually the "basic restriction".