The UK Electricity Industry

National Grid, on behalf of the UK Electricity Industry, operates an EMF Unit as a single point of contact for all EMF enquiries.

If you have any questions about EMFs, ring

  • 0845 702 3270 (from the UK)
  • If you prefer e-mail click here: Contact us

In order to deal with your query or request, we may need to collect your personal data.  For more information on National Grid’s privacy policy in respect of your personal data, please see the attached link:

If your enquiry concerns a National Grid power line or substation, the staff of the EMF Unit will be able to deal directly with it. If it involves a line owned by one of the Distribution Companies, they will be able to put you in touch with the right company.

Each electricity company decides for itself how to respond to questions, but in almost all cases, they will be able to provide literature and further information, tell you more about the particular power line that concerns you, and if appropriate, arrange to visit your home to make measurements of fields.

The UK Energy Networks Association web site contains information on industry policies on EMFs.

Government and PHE

  • Public Health England's web site has further information on EMFs.
  • If you want to speak to the PHE about EMFs, their number is +44 (0)1235 831600.

Other issues

There are a number of issues related to EMFs but not directly to do with the power-frequency EMFs that are produced by the electricity system.

For more information on radiofrequency EMFs including mobile phones, try contacting:

That industry used to run a Mobile Operators' Association as a central point of coordination on EMF issues, but it no longer exists.  As far as we know, you would now need to contact an individual operator for more information.

For more information on shop security devices and many other types of radiation, try contacting:

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