Possible mechanisms for the interactions of EMFs with human beings

If EMFs have an effect on humans, there must be a mechanism of interaction that produces this effect.  We describe some of the candidates here.

To start off with, we need a biophysical mechanism whereby the field interacts at the fundamental physical level with a charge or a molecule.  The problem here is that we don't know of any biophysical mechanism that produces a big enough effect to be significant.  See a discussion of the plausibility issue  and discussions of particular candidate mechanisms: energy deposition, and free radicals.

Then that interaction with a charge or molecule must influence a pathway through the body that results in an effect - a disease such as cancer, for example.  We discuss some of the candidates, starting with the hormone melatonin and the proteins cryptochromes.

We also discuss whether these mechanisms depend specifically just on the AC field or on the total field including the geomagnetic field.

Another possibility is that the mechanism isn't related to magnetic fields at all, but some other physical effect.  See discussion of two of these ideas: