Non peer-reviewed science

Most scientific research is published in peer-reviewed journals.  This means that, before it is published, a paper is reviewed by other scientists working in the same subject.  This provides a form of quality control - bad studies can be weeded out, and minor flaws can be corrected.  It is not perfect - not everything published in a journal is necessarily correct - but it is usually regarded as a necessary stage to go through before research will even be considered by other scientists and particularly by official review groups.

But not all studies get published.  We list here some EMF studies that are not published in peer-reviewed journals.  This makes it harder to assess their quality.  We're not making any comment on the quality of these studies by listing them here.  But given that the work has been done, we think it's worth being aware of them.

Trentham studies

The Trentham Environmental Action Campaign conducted several surveys of residents living close to power lines.

French study 

This study was performed round an existing high-voltage power line in France.  It is described as a "citizen survey" rather than a formal scientific study.