Ongoing research

Elsewhere we have pages that deal with:

Here, we give information on some ongoing research (clearly this is not an exhaustive list):

We also have information if you want to conduct research yourself on the UK transmission system


Other EMF research internationally

Research into EMFs goes on in many different countries and in many different institutions. We cannot list them all here but here are links to some of the more important ones. In addition, WHO maintain a  database of EMF research.

  • The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
    This is a research institute supported by many American electricity companies, most of whom do not do their own research. National Grid are also members of EPRI.
  • The RAPID programme
    This USA programme has now finished, but was a major programme on EMFs in the 1990s, funded jointly by Government and industry. See the website of the NIEHS who ran the programme.
  • The EU have funded various research programmes.  The older ones are described in this booklet - a major programme in the 2000s was the REFLEX programme. A significant programme in the 2010s has been Arimmora.