Raw data

The sections of this website on overhead lines and underground cables contain many graphs showing the fields they produce. We provide here many of the raw data that these graphs are drawn from. You are welcome to download these data and use them for your own purposes subject to the Terms and Conditions.

We have provided the data for the more obvious or mainstream graphs – if there’s a different graph you’d like the data for, please contact us and we’ll be happy to oblige. We think we’ve made the spreadsheets reasonably clear but if there’s anything you can’t understand, again, contact us.

Download data (Excel Spreadsheets)

Note: right-click on these links and “save link as…” / “save target as….”.  If you simply left-click to open the link, you will probably find they are very slow.

data for fields from overhead lines

data for fields from underground cables

data for how electric fields vary with clearance

data for how fields from overhead lines vary with other factors