Units for measuring EMFs

Electric Fields

Electric fields are usually measured in volts per metre (V/m)

    • Multiple is used for large fields: 1 kilovolt per metre (kV/m) = 1000 volts per metre

Magnetic Fields

Magnetic fields are usually measured in microteslas (µT)

    • Multiple used for large fields: 1 millitesla = 1000 microteslas
    • or small fields: 1 nanotesla = 0.001 microteslas

Other units are sometimes used:

Converting between magnetic field units

Use either this calculator or the diagram below to convert from one magnetic field unit to the others (enter your value and select the units in the white cells):

Note: this tool is hosted on the Cloud. If you do not see the calculator, but get a message “proxy server is refusing connections”, this probably means that Cloud services are barred by your internet service. Contact us if you would particularly like to see this tool. The full functionality is supported only for desktops and laptops – mobile devices may not allow all the interactivity.

chart for converting units