Living near EMFs

Affected by a proposed overhead line or substation?

The UK has some ambitious targets to decarbonise the electricity system by 2035. To enable the transition to Net Zero carbon emissions, a fundamental upgrade of the transmission system is required to connect cleaner, greener energy. The National Electricity System Operator (NESO) published its recommendations of onshore and offshore electricity networks that need to be developed to meet the 2035 target. 

This means that more electricity transmission projects involving overhead lines, underground cables and substations are being proposed throughout the UK. Each developer will provide information about any proposed new equipment in an area. 

Some of the transmission projects that are currently proposed in England and Wales

Where plans affect you or your community, you should share your opinions on the proposals directly with the developer, to help shape the development. If your concerns are about the EMFs from a new proposal, this website provides details of what exposures you would expect from almost all electricity assets.